Online Download

You can use the following command to download the plugin from the online repository:

$ bin/plugin install solutions.siren/siren-join/2.3.4

Replace 2.3.4 with the right version of your Elasticsearch. To check which version is available, look here

Offline Download

  • Get the ZIPball from
  • Install with the downloaded file

    $ bin/plugin install file:/path/to/folder/with/


Alternatively, you can assemble it via Maven (you must build it as a non-root user):

$ git clone
$ cd siren-join
$ mvn package

This creates a single Zip file that can be installed using the Elasticsearch plugin command:

$ bin/plugin install file:/PATH-TO-SIRENJOIN-PROJECT/target/releases/

Interacting with the Plugin

You can now start Elasticsearch and see that our plugin gets loaded:

$ bin/elasticsearch
[2013-09-04 17:33:27,443][INFO ][node    ] [Andrew Chord] initializing ...
[2013-09-04 17:33:27,455][INFO ][plugins ] [Andrew Chord] loaded [siren-join], sites []

To uninstall the plugin:

$ bin/plugin remove siren-join