Note: we're keeping this list for historical purposes. For the latest information see and the specific industry sections.

Example use caseDescription
User and system behavior
From a simple log, the Siren platform identifies which user or system performed certain events (and shows the analytics). Provide high performance drill down and self-join on the log index.
Security and IP intelligence

Keep a list of threats (MD5s, IPs) in independent indexes. At the press of a button, users can zoom in on the logs from compromised machines.
Market intelligence

Maintain an updated list of news about companies, and zoom in on the news involving companies that have specified properties.
Business intelligence meets enterprise search

The Siren platform can provide functions commonly available in business intelligence software together with added real-time integration using streaming social media, news feeds, and analyst reports. Find the most purchased products by customers that, during an email or support interactions, have mentioned the name of a competitor. See how has this has evolved over time.
Life science

Explore using facets, drill downs, targets/assays/chemical structures related to published papers mentioning specific keywords.
National defense and anti-terrorism

Zoom in on suspects from the content of their communications, which extends your search by filters created by querying an external high performance graph store.
Internet of things and sensor data

Drill down on sensor logs detecting certain events, pivot to the “sensor index” view and see their common properties, pivot on the properties of the locations where they are installed in real time.
Credit rating, compliance, and financial

Filter and receive analytics crossing news, tweets, reports, emails with financial data, real time transactions, people, and products.
Technical and legal publishing

Documents and legislation referred to in cases which were managed by certain people and had specific outcomes.
Law enforcement:

Integrated view of violations, offenders, vehicle database, camera and sensor readings to provide real-time analysis and pattern identification.
Local authority planning

Relate building permission document content to records about the architects, owners, and nearby buildings.