For each kibi and/or elasticsearch machine; following this instruction:

Then for each process you want run automatically you have to create a new file inside /supervisor_directory/conf.d (by default is /etc/supervisor/conf.d) called for example kibi.conf (or elasticsearch.conf) with the lines below:


user=user used to run kibi




when you save this file, you have to go in /supervisor_directory/ and edit the file supervisord.conf adding:


files = /supervisor_directory/conf.d/*

save it.

Now you have to reload the supervisor configuration using the commands:

supervisorctl reread

supervisorctl update

supervisorctl restart

For more information about available commands for supervisor, read this page:

At the end you can run and stop services using the command:

sudo supervisorctl start kibi

sudo supervisorctl stop kibi

sudo supervisorctl restart kibi