Released: 23 November 2017 (release blog posts here, what’s new here)

Choose between 3 Siren Platform distributions:

The siren-platform-demo-data distribution includes preconfigured Kibi plus a preloaded Siren node with Elasticsearch with our plugins and security preinstalled.
The siren-platform distribution includes preconfigured Kibi plus empty Elasticsearch.
The siren-kibi distribution includes only Kibi. This will require you to download and install the Vanguard plugin for Elasticsearch as well as the Searchguard plugin for security.

Siren Platform with Demo Data
The 5.4.3-4 version of this package is available only on request. Please contact us for further details.

Siren Platform
The 5.4.3-4 version of this package is available only on request. Please contact us for further details.

Siren Kibi

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Release notes:

Kibi 5.4.3-4

Kibi Changes


  • Fixed issue where tooltips for pruned joins were missing in some parts of the dashboard

  • Fixed issue in the graph browser where the add menu could not be opened after adding a filter

  • Returned the ability to add columns from fields to the enhanced data table in a dashboard

  • Fixed a bug in timelion that prevented opening the dashboard timepicker

  • Fixed bug where Translated Request and Debug sections of spy panel didn’t show anything


  • Update Siren Platform distributions to use Elasticsearch version 5.6.4

  • Update Siren Platform distributions to use Vanguard version 5.6.4

  • Update Siren Platform distributions to use Searchguard version 5.6.4-16


Graph Browser

  • Live filters can now be "unlinked" from the graph selection and kept as a normal filter

  • Links are now filterable with the timebar if they have a temporal field and a type configured

Kibi 5.4.3-3

Kibi Changes


  • Fixed issue where doc_table rendering was slow due to large text fields

  • Fixed issue where range filters were not passed by relational filter to other dashboards correctly


  • Update Siren Platform distributions to use Elasticsearch version 5.6.3

  • Update Siren Platform distributions to use Vanguard version 5.6.3

  • Update Siren Platform distributions to use Searchguard version 5.6.3-16

Kibi 5.4.3-2

Kibi Changes


  • Fixed issue where Kibi would not start when used with Elasticsearch 5.5.2 due to mapping loading problem

  • Kibi no longer use the elasticsearch.plugins configuration setting to store installed Elasticsearch plugin names

  • Improved X-Pack security compatibility

  • Improved migration from Kibi 4.6.x, where the sourceFiltering property was previously set for any index-pattern

  • Improved migration from Kibi 4.6.x, where the pageSize parameter was previously incorrectly saved as string

  • Various improvements in Sentinl see for details


  • Update Siren Platform distributions to use Elasticsearch version 5.5.2

  • Update Vanguard to version 5.5.2-1

  • Default Access Control plugin policy on conflicting roles changed to DENY_IF_AT_LEAST_ONE_ROLE_IS_DENIED, to revert to previous policy set kibi_access_control.acl.policy property to ALLOW_IF_AT_LEAST_ONE_ROLE_IS_ALLOWED in kibi.yml file

  • Update Kibi Timeline plugin to version 5.4.3-2


  • Added new UI element rules in Access Control plugin to controll access to certain parts of the UI e.g: applications (Timelion, Sentinl), Kibi sections (discover, management), specific features (export CSV functionality)

  • Added ability to limit number of collected tuples per shard during the join operations This option can now be set globally via kibi:joinLimit in each relation’s settings in the Relational Panel

  • Added support for dynamic object mapping type to Saved Object API

Kibi 5.4.3-1

Kibi Changes


  • Vanguard version bumped from 5.4.3 to 5.4.3-1

Kibi 5.4.3 and Kibana 5.4.3

The lists below cover changes between Kibi 5.4.0 and Kibi 5.4.3

Kibi Changes


  • New dashboard sidebar with drag and drop functionality and other UI improvements

  • Dashboard selection dropdowns now group by dashboard group or saved search


  • Saved searches are now shown by their titles rather than IDs

  • pageSize is optional in data table visualization, defaults to discover:sampleSize

  • Improved new dashboard modal layout and text

  • Reduced the size and space usage of many visualizations to increase available dashboard area

  • Removed the CSV export button from the data table visualization

  • Made the top paginator optional on the data table visualization

  • Now allowing the user to set a minimum column width on the data table visualization

  • The defaultDashboard setting in kibi.yml has been deprecated, set in advanced options in the management tab

  • Added generic error for an unknown error in the button count calculation query request


  • Fix incorrect notification when cancelling dashboard save

  • Relational buttons are now disabled until counts are complete

  • Relational filter label tooltip fixed

  • Unnecessary call to FontAwesome CDN removed

  • Time filter change now removes the count in the relational filter

  • Exception on new index pattern creation fixed

  • Share function now returns spaces correctly

  • Visualization mode changes no longer destroys the visualization state

  • When cancelling dashboard edit mode, time is no longer restored

  • Fixed sorting by alias when alias missing on data table visualization

  • Improved the filter tooltip for terms queries



  • Warning on security exception when accessing restricted indices

Box Plot

  • Log and square root Y-axis scales added

  • Fixed axis labels getting cut off

  • Aligned styles with other visualizations

Graph Browser

  • Kibi Graph Browser is disabled if the Kibi instance is unlicensed, a placeholder is shown if so

  • Geo_fields and time fields are added to the node configuration

  • Can now expand by relation using filters


  • License upload/delete buttons in management/license

  • License information now available in management/About page


  • Added warning when aggregation type not supported by Kibi Multi Chart

Scatter Plot

  • Colors now persist on selection change

  • Support for .raw and scripted fields added

  • Fixed blank graph when data being rendered is unchanged after e.g. query text removal

  • Fix brush selection rendering results correctly

Kibi 5.4.0 and Kibana 5.4.0

The lists below cover changes between Kibi 4.6.4 and Kibi 5.4.0

Kibi Changes


  • Merged changes from Kibana 5.4.0

  • New sidebar menu for dashboard management and navigation (replaces previous tabs)

  • Uses the new Siren Vanguard (an Elasticsearch plugin which adds relational technology to Elasticsearch, providing the capability to do joins across multiple indices)

  • Enhanced enterprise security - added support for Kerberos/JWT

  • Updated Kibi 4 to 5 migration page

  • Added additional information for shards failures

  • Page size option for the Enhanced Eearch Results visualization to override discover:sampleSize

  • Add build timestamp to info page

  • Handle image error when value formatted as url/image

  • Added migration for the heatmap visualisation

  • Added kibi_wordcloud to tagcloud migration

  • Added a gremlin_server plugin to handle the startup of Gremlin Server

  • Added kibi:graphStatesLimit to the advanced options

  • Added Kibi Category to vis wizard

  • Allow middlewares to set parameters explicitly

  • Kibi config is now a singleton

  • Added option to kibi.yml - allows to use a CA file to verify the SSL certificate during development

  • Update default gremlin server datasource during startup

  • Adds timelion sheets to saved object API

  • Ported html-angular view from 4.6.4-1

  • Added backup/restore commands to backup/restore content of .kibi index

  • Added panels border option

  • Added space between panels


  • Removed support for Windows 32 bit

  • Move up one dir before running kibi.bat on Windows

  • Removed advanced join settings

  • Use match_none for empty searches

  • Migration of default dashboard title from kibi.yml to advanced settings

  • Updated kibi license file

  • Remove

  • Remove tinkerpop3 related queries and filter out tinkerpop3 data sources

  • Hooks before transferVisState, usefull for multichart

  • Check for siren-vanguard instead of siren-platform

  • Removed dashboard groups management section

  • Renamed kibana-plugin binary to kibi-plugin

  • Use where.exe in place of which on windows

  • Use jar for archiving on Windows

  • Added route for getting elasticsearch plugins

  • Removed relational panel settings

  • Removes tinkerpop3 query


  • Bumped kibiutils to version 1.8.0

  • Heatmap layout fixed

  • Improved application logging

  • Improved notifications

  • Improved migration procedure for a rare case where after migration relations definitions were wrong

  • Improvements to tag-cloud visualisation

  • Saved object finder improvements about reserved characters

  • Improved tooltips styling and content

  • Updates counts when global time filter is changed

  • Use column aliases for the sorting menu

  • Add type attribute to up/down buttons so that they don’t trigger a form submission

  • Documentation updated to version 5

  • Fix extra scrollbar in doc table on pagination button click

  • Reset query text on reset button click

  • Ignore Gremlin configuration if not set

  • Do not start the gremlin server if the config is missing

  • Disable the gremlin plugin during the upgrade

  • Ignore plugins/sentinl/phantomjs to avoid braking phantomjs install by Sentinl app

  • Improvements in handling the missing data indices

  • Override the default dark theme button color

  • Filtering on the advanced table triggers the underlying click handler

  • Fixed console when using an https agent

  • Handle sorting on analysed or missing fields

  • Reset pagination on filter change

  • Fixed issue when adding a filter from a SQL based visualisation

  • Fixed missing Vanguard notification

  • Fixed export meta fields as csv

  • X-Pack monitoring instructions and notification fix

  • Timelion fixes

  • Display query title instead of id

  • Increased timeout of esArchiver test

  • Use hashed item store class to handle quota storage exception

  • Fixed legend exception

  • Replace join filters on empty index sets with match_none queries

  • Use the docTable directive from kibana in the enhanced search results visualisation

  • Make management tabs responsive to width

  • Include must_not in getHighlightRequest processing

  • Allows to honor the handleNoResults property

  • Fixed required field highlighted

  • Added missing docker doc

  • Use field_caps instead of field_stats to get field capabilities

  • Clicking on the kibi logo fixed

  • Use requiresTimePicker visualization param

  • Time input fields is made equal

  • Updates

  • Relations menu filter fixed

  • Fixed issue about Proxy class not available on all browsers

  • Selected Documents issue fixed

  • Allow vis to change their es request before serialization proc begin

  • Adds support to save uistate for multiple instance of the same vis type

  • Allows restoring the uiState after click edit visualisation on dashboard

  • Fix for cluster.createClient

  • Do not add join queries to the highlight_query query

  • Take the kacConfiguration from chrome.getInjected

  • Use config.has to check for configs existence

  • Relative time range validation fixed

  • Column alias validation added

  • add hook to access control in the uiSettings API

  • Allows histogram to be interval safe

  • Fixed tabs in management objects

  • Response check added to create_kibi_proxy

  • Alias checking added to search

  • Try every index pattern if the default index is not reachable because of an authorization error

  • Port join wrapping into bool.must

  • Fix handling of missing saved searches

  • Update styles for navbar and filterbar tooltips

  • Check for forward and backslashes in packagePaths.

  • Time sync checklist fixed

  • Fixed plugin install error

  • Removed not used events

  • Set baseURL in eeg

  • Allow to add filter via table details in the visualize page

  • Column rename fixed

  • Use data cluster

  • Do not retrieve the scope of the element

  • Filter label fixed

  • Put Kibi and Kibana version

  • Fixed wrong hint on the rel filter

  • Use urandom in Gremlin Server, documentation updates

  • Border and filter bar color fix with dark theme

  • preserve column layout in the enhanced search results visualisation

  • Ported import export improvements from 4.6.4-1

  • Fixed incorrect mouseup event handling on fontawesome-icon-picker

  • Ported ACL fix in the relational filter visualisation to 5

  • Ported changes for Kibi Enterprise to 5

  • RefreshInterval object check added

  • Use fontawesome-iconpicker 1.2.1 instead of ui-iconpicker

  • Use tag instead of commit hash in package.json to point to kibi-h2o2

  • Build module path correctly on windows

  • Updated native bindings for Darwin

  • Set temp folder based on OS

  • Pagination fixed

  • Proxy the HTTP status code and upstream ttl

  • removed the wrong pointer to

  • Made object actions always visible

  • Do not shorten URLs in shared links UI tests

  • Corrected typeahead for the Discover/Visualize/Dashboard pages

  • Removed old version of the elasticdump dependency

  • Kibana reference renamed

  • Ignore delayed executions that are cancelled

  • Hide the tooltip on destroy

  • Do not submit the form on click of the query history

  • Check that all query_string queries are put into the must clause

  • Keep toaster next to the dashboards bar

  • Validator fixed

  • Ported - introduction of MissingDashboardError

  • Ported documentation about cross frame communication

  • Support slash in entity uri and corrected some bugs about selecting documents

  • Refactor the kibi proxy code to use new functions: onResponse and onBeforeSendRequest

  • Fixed platforms mappings to classifiers

  • Ported how sharing link is generated

  • No results found alignment in Kibi data table fixed

  • Open a new clean (no cache) web browser tab with Kibi if the logo is clicked

  • KibiSequentialJoinVisHelper improved

  • Correctly merge params and headers from datasource and query

  • Moved URL sharing functions to a service

  • Add info box on the relations setting

  • Created method for determining if object is from Kibi

  • Decorate query in kibi state

  • Include basePath in Kibi session redirect, save Kibi state using save method

  • Add info box to the Sequential Join Viz to instruct a user about how to create a relation between 2 types under 1 index.

  • Handle cases where the company or the investor is missing

  • Fix fullscreen mode

  • Added the join icon indicator in the indices management page


  • Fix agg config save after apply

  • Fix Scatterplot on Kibi 5

  • Add path to Phantomjs binary in horseman options

  • Patch es client with new Vanguard methods

  • Allow underscore in ACL role ids

  • Fixed and unified plugin versions

  • Update plugin versions to 5.4.0

  • Removed extra wrapping into Kibana folder for non-public plugins

Access Control

  • Ported Access Control plugin to Kibi 5

  • Ported Kerberos / JWT support to 5

  • Changed title into label

  • Removed $cookies dependency

  • Return parameters from middleware methods

  • Fixed wrong config variable name

  • Expose scope in Authentication/ACL editors

  • Fix issue when empty path

Box Plot

  • Box Plot ported to Kibi 5

  • Refactor box_plot visualisation

  • Update Box Plot x axis labelling

  • Show whiskers correctly in Box Plot

Bubble Diagram

  • Bubble diagram ported to Kibi 5

Enterprise Components

  • Port Enterprise Components to Kibi 5

  • Describe unknown xhr errors

  • Object for cross frame communication

Graph Browser

  • Port Graph Browser to Kibi 5

  • Set the default datasource id

  • Change the filter to a bool filter

  • Load scriptSource from file if present

  • Reinit the cached scope

  • Remove scroll API usage in gremlin server

  • Support multiple undo/redo states

  • Added graph script middleware + fix script editor

  • Remove an unneeded Elasticsearch query

  • Keylines upgrade

  • Always add Basic to the auth header

  • Added wrapping Kibana folder

  • Init on getters

  • Set max height to add menu

  • Refactor persistence helper

  • Pass time from the state

  • Add remove all button

  • Reflect deletion of live filter on filter_bar in graph browser filter button

  • Fix graph browser configuration issues

  • Fixed issue where new elements are not tracked by the timebar if filtering was previously enabled

  • Show warning on missing relations on runtime and configuration

  • Fixed an error when switching back to a graph browser dashboard

  • Expand by relation does not retrieve count for retrieved nodes

  • Fix for remove and crop

  • Select on Graph Browser associated with saved search

  • Don’t overwrite existing node upon expansion

  • No such index trying to configure graph

  • Allow graph timebar to work with arcs

  • Remove URL length check on graph selection (port to 5)

  • Self join support

  • Fix highlightning (port to 5)

  • Add graph and script to savedObjectAPITypes

  • Prevent any changes of the gremlin server datasource

  • Better graph tooltip positioning


  • License plugin ported to Kibi 5

  • Fixed plugin name

  • Fixed tests on license plugin


  • Ported Multichart to Kibi 5

  • Miltichart can now save the smart default configurations

  • Improved save state handling

  • Fix single call on Multichart

  • Multichart SDC, serialisation refactor and unit tests

  • Fix multiple configurations on Multichart

  • Fix property edition on visualize

  • Missing after fetch event handler

  • Focus the graph after script execution

  • Configurable relations

Scatter Plot

  • Scatter plot ported to Kibi 5

Vector Map

  • Vector map ported to Kibi 5

Kibana Changes

Deprecations & Removals

  • Remove "Exclude Pattern Flags" and "Include Pattern Flags" from terms and significant terms aggregations {issue}6714[#6714]

  • Deprecate ascending sort for terms aggregations {pull}8167[#8167]

  • Deprecate split chart option for tile map visualization {pull}6001[#6001]

Security fixes

An Open Redirect vulnerability has been fixed with the short URL feature. Previously, a malicious user could use the internal API that powers the short URL feature to create a short URL in kibana that redirected to a different domain.
{security}[ESA-2016-08] ({commit}92ae3ae[92ae3ae])

Kibana 5.0.0 and 5.0.1 were making requests to advanced settings and the short URL service on behalf of the kibana server rather than the current user, which means that being authenticated at all was sufficient to have both read and write access to the advanced settings and short URLs.
Kibana 5.0.2 now authenticates requests for each service on behalf of the current user.
{security}[ESA-2016-10] ({pull}9214[#9214])

When previous versions of Kibana 5 are configured for SSL client access, file descriptors will fail to be cleaned up after certain requests and will accumulate over time until the process crashes. Requests that are canceled before data is sent can also crash the process.
{security}[ESA-2017-02] ({pull}10225[#10225])

Bug Fixes

  • Fix alias support when fetching types {pull}8338[#8338]

  • Report useful error message when sessionStorage is unavailable {pull}8343[#8343]

  • Improved error message when sessionStorage is disabled in the browser {pull}8343[#8343]

  • Trailing slash redirects now include the basepath configuration {pull}8966[#8966]

  • Elasticsearch version checking no longer causes startup error for non-HTTP nodes {pull}9181[#9181]

  • Favicons are now embedded as links rather than as data {pull}8961[#8961]

  • Fix bug where the loading indicator was wider than the screen {pull}8854[#8854]

  • The Kibana logo in the loading screen now shows properly in IE11 {pull}9921[#9921]

  • Browser-specific style overrides are now properly being handled for legacy browsers {pull}9899[#9899]

  • Bump Node.js to version 6.9.5. This was a low severity security release for Node.js, which has minimal impact to Kibana, but is still worth upgrading. {pull}10135[#10135]

  • Prevent dashboard title tooltip from being cut off {pull}6464[#6464]

  • Dashboard no longer set to dirty on load in some situations {pull}9307[#9307]

  • Only display Visualize button when a field is aggregatable {pull}8694[#8694]

  • Field visualize button no longer loads incorrect URL in some situations {pull}8721[#8721]

  • Sorting on scripted date or boolean fields no longer triggers an error {pull}9261[#9261]

  • Painless scripted fields are now wrapped in a lambda so more complex scripts are possible {pull}9171[#9171]

  • Correctly renders error when scripted field languages fail to load {pull}8639[#8639]

  • Improve spy tab performance on Discover {issue}9464[#9464]

  • Reduce lag experienced when expanding doc table rows {pull}9326[#9326]

  • Prevented a background action that was causing unnecessary CPU cycles {pull}10036[#10036]

  • No longer remove selection when refreshing fields {pull}8312[#8312]

  • Notify user of failures when deleting saved objects {pull}7345[#7345]

  • Add title to visState when the visualization is saved {pull}7185[#7185]

  • Back button now works {pull}5982[#5982]

  • Show no value instead of interpolating 'undefined' with empty values in URL string formatters {pull}6291[#6291]

  • Delete button for color formatters no longer overlaps format dropdown {issue}8864[#8864]

  • {k4pull}10521[Pull Request 10521]: Attempting to import a missing type now results in a warning

  • Use lt instead of lte for safer upper bound in range filter {pull}7129[#7129]

  • Fix date histogram filtering {pull}7126[#7126]

  • Automatic filter pinning option in advanced settings {pull}5730[#5730]

  • Console logs display date/time in UTC {pull}8534[#8534]

  • Plugins without init function no longer show statuses {pull}7953[#7953]

  • Absolute time picker updates when time selection changes {pull}8383[#8383]

  • Prevent relative timepicker values from being negative {pull}6607[#6607]

  • Timepicker now has a collapse button again {issue}9381[#9381]

  • Remove average from standard deviation metrics {pull}7827[#7827]

  • Always set output.params.min_doc_count on Histograms {pull}8349[#8349]

  • Set minimum aggregation size to 1, Elasticsearch returns an error for 0 {pull}8339[#8339]

  • Add milliseconds to Date Histogram interval options {pull}6796[#6796]

  • Do not perform unnecessary round-trip to Elasticsearch when there are no changes in request parameters {pull}7960[#7960]

  • Tile map dots no longer shrink to extreme tiny size on some zooms {pull}8000[#8000]

  • Table visualizations display correctly when changing paging options {pull}8422[#8422]

  • Filter non-aggregatable fields from visualization editor {pull}8421[#8421]

  • Prevent charts from unnecessarily rendering twice {pull}8371[#8371]

  • Display custom label for percentile ranks aggregation {pull}7123[#7123]

  • Display custom label for percentile and median metric visualizations {pull}7021[#7021]

  • Back button now works {pull}5986[#5986]

  • Fix extraneous bounds for tilemap {pull}7068[#7068]

  • Median visualization properly shows value rather than ? {pull}7003[#7003]

  • Map zoom is persisted when saving visualization {pull}6835[#6835]

  • Drag aggregations to sort {pull}6566[#6566]

  • Table sort is persisted on save {pull}5953[#5953]

  • Ignore extended bounds when "Show empty buckets" unselected {pull}5960[#5960]

  • Using custom label for standard deviation aggregation {pull}6407[#6407]

  • Tile map bounding boxes no longer create filters with invalid bounds {issue}8946[#8946]

  • Visualizations without spy panels no longer trigger errors in browser console {pull}9115[#9115]

  • Bar graph order is now correct with double split terms {pull}8397[#8397]

  • Proper handling of small slices in pie chart {pull}8986[#8986]

  • Fix label on scripted field date histograms {pull}8638[#8638]

  • UTF-8 charset when exporting aggregate tables {pull}8662[#8662]

  • Fixed various typos in visualization descriptions {pull}8943[#8943]

  • Toggling spy panel no longer throws an error {pull}8877[#8877]

  • Fullscreen spy panel is no longer cut off {pull}8844[#8844]

  • Remove scripted fields from significant terms since they are unsupported {pull}8734[#8734]

  • Using a secondary datetime field no longer triggers an error {issue}9458[#9458]

  • Metric visualizations now show scrollbars when the value overflows the container {pull}9481[#9481]

  • Axis custom extents now support decimal values {pull}9426[#9426]

  • Fixed regression where certain visualizations were being limited to 25 series {issue}10132[#10132]

  • Fixed typo on a tag cloud warning message {pull}10092[#10092]

  • Fixed a bug where data table visualizations would incorrectly appear empty in certain circumstances {issue}9757[#9757]

  • {k4issue}10153[Issue 10153]: Fixed regression where include and exclude patterns triggered an error

  • {k4issue}10295[Issue 10295]: Fixed regression where grouped bar charts did not properly scale down their y-axis

  • Share UI now properly honors the dark theme {issue}8819[#8819]

  • Spaces are now accepted in plugin URLs and paths during installation {pull}8945[#8945]

  • Plugin install will now fire EPERM errors in Windows less frequently {pull}9260[#9260]

  • Console now autocompletes indexes {pull}8557[#8557]

  • {k4pull}10244[Pull Request 10244]: Literal strings in JSON editor are now more clearly identifiable

  • The "new" action no longer requires two clicks {pull}8815[#8815]

  • Secondary y-axis no longer removes config on first axis {pull}9197[#9197]

  • Correct padding for Timelion title {pull}8919[#8919]

  • Specifying yaxis() no longer forces a minimum value of 0 {pull}9428[#9428]

  • Improved dark theme support for Timelion axis and legend labels {pull}9422[#9422]

Dev Tools
  • The link to the Dev Tools app is now hidden when no developer tools are enabled {pull}9489[#9489]

  • Calling another API route via .inject() no longer fails due to a missing socket {pull}9332[#9332]

  • {k4issue}9652[Issue 9652]: Kibana builds now include a NOTICE file


  • New plugin installer: bin/kibana-plugin {pull}6402[#6402]

  • Ability to specify multiple config files as CLI arguments {pull}6825[#6825]

  • Display plugins versions {pull}7221[#7221]

  • Bind Kibana server to localhost by default {pull}8013[#8013]

  • Only proxy whitelisted request headers to Elasticsearch {pull}6896[#6896]

  • Remove client node filtering in the Elasticsearch version check {pull}6840[#6840]

  • A new design {pull}6239[#6239]

  • Friendly error message when Kibana is already running {pull}6735[#6735]

  • Logging configuration can be reloaded with SIGHUP {pull}6720[#6720]

  • Abortable timeout counter to notifications {pull}6364[#6364]

  • Upgrade Node.js to version 6.9.0 for improved memory use and a segfault fix {pull}8733[#8733]

  • Warn on startup if plugins don’t support the version of Kibana {pull}8283[#8283]

  • Add additional verification to ensure supported Elasticsearch version {pull}8229[#8229]

  • Add unique instance identifier {pull}6378[#6378]

  • Add state:storeInSessionState option enabling shorter URLs and enhancing Internet Explorer support {pull}8022[#8022]

  • Improve user experience when query returns no results {pull}7286[#7286]

  • Display message when "Export All" request fails {pull}6976[#6976]

  • Improved rendering performance and responsiveness across the whole product {pull}7929[#7929]

  • Improved CPU usage when the progress indicator is present {pull}8842[#8842]

  • New loading screen {pull}8970[#8970]

  • Support for searching against tribe nodes {pull}9132[#9132]

  • Automatically select default index pattern if there is only one {pull}9679[#9679]

  • Remove "will be cached for next time" message from loading screen {pull}9383[#9383]

  • Dashboard refresh interval persisted on save {pull}7365[#7365]

Dev Tools
  • Add Dev Tools application, including Console (previously known as Sense) {pull}8171[#8171]

  • Default columns are configurable {pull}5696[#5696]

  • Render field type in tooltip when mousing over name {pull}6243[#6243]

  • Add field-exists filter button to doc table {pull}6166[#6166]

  • Enable better caching of time-based requests by Elasticsearch {pull}6643[#6643]

  • Improved rendering performance on Discover app with large numbers of fields {pull}9014[#9014]

  • Improved consistency with the sidebar interface {pull}7958[#7958]

  • Allow more than match queries in custom filters {pull}8614[#8614]

  • Rename Settings to Management {pull}7284[#7284]

  • Add boolean field formatter {pull}7935[#7935]

  • Add painless support for scripted fields {pull}7700[#7700]

  • Custom notification banner configured via advanced settings {pull}6791[#6791]

  • Duration field formatter for numbers {pull}6499[#6499]

  • Title case field formatter for strings {pull}6413[#6413]

  • Ability to exclude specific source fields for an index pattern {pull}7402[#7402]

  • Conflicting field types of an index pattern are now visually flagged in index pattern management {pull}7990[#7990]

  • Color formatter for string fields {pull}8597[#8597]

  • Histogram interval now supports decimal {pull}8566[#8566]

  • Advanced setting for opacity when for point-series charts {pull}8448[#8448]

  • Advanced setting to ignore filters if index does not contain field {pull}8181[#8181]

  • Add support for apps to specify their order in the left navigation bar {pull}8767[#8767]

  • Separate plugin version and supported version of Kibana {pull}8222[#8222]

  • Expose the Kibana app base URL, no more hardcoding '/app/kibana' in urls {pull}8072[#8072]

  • Add requireDefaultIndex route option, enabling index pattern independent plugins {pull}7516[#7516]

  • Add plugin preInit extension point {pull}7069[#7069]

  • Plugins can prefix their config values {pull}6554[#6554]

Saved Objects
  • Dashboards, visualizations, and saved searches can now be renamed while saving {pull}9087[#9087]

  • Improved UI when editing saved objects {pull}9543[#9543]

  • Improved UI when viewing saved objects {pull}9535[#9535]

  • Add basePath to server’s defaultRoute {pull}6953[#6953]

  • Do not render directory listings for static assets {pull}6764[#6764]

  • Automatically redirect http traffic to https {pull}5959[#5959]

  • Write process pid file as soon as it is known {pull}4680[#4680]

  • Log most events by default and only errors when in quiet mode {pull}5952[#5952]

  • Improve user interface to emphasize difference between Original URLs and Snapshot URLs. {pull}8172[#8172]

  • Emit new state and message, on status change {pull}7513[#7513]

  • Status API now includes the Kibana version and build number {pull}9195[#9195]

  • Add Timelion to Kibana core {pull}7994[#7994]

  • Timelion sheets can now be deleted {pull}9191[#9191]

  • Add y-axis logarithmic scale for bar charts {pull}7939[#7939]

  • Add option to set legend position {pull}7931[#7931]

  • Add legend tooltips {pull}7890[#7890]

  • Add x-axis title labels {pull}7845[#7845]

  • Tag Cloud visualization {pull}8104[#8104]

  • Brush can now be used to select a subsection of a histogram {pull}9039[#9039]

  • Ability to select legend position for tile map visualizations {pull}8176[#8176]

  • Heatmap visualization {pull}9403[#9403]

  • Line and area charts now support stepped lines {pull}9425[#9425]

  • Tilemap zoom capabilities are now determined automatically when using the default Elastic Tile Service {pull}8630[#8630]

Kibi 4.6.4 and Kibana 4.6.4

Kibi Changes

  • Fixed - cleaned and improved sharing the graph state via URL [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Fixed - static route path for plugins

  • Fixed - use correct scroll_id in migrations

  • Fixed - upgrades between dash releases

  • Fixed - checkIfItIsRelevant in REST datasource returned true when no document was selected but required

  • Fixed - honour timezone settings in Graph Browser timebar [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Improved - upgraded moment-timezone to version 0.5.11

  • Improved - upgraded siren-join to version 2.4.4

  • Improved - upgraded license plugin to version 2.4.4 [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Improved - upgraded Kibi Timeline plugin to version 4.6.4

  • Improved - state is by default saved in session storage state:storeInSessionStorage=true

  • Improved - init explanation only on filter bar filters

  • Improved - added link to sample kibi.yml file into the documentation

  • Improved - tests coverage and quality

  • Improved - removed savedSession objects in favour of sharing through shortened URLs stored in kibi index

  • Improved - field formatter support in Graph Browser tooltips [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added - merge upstream changes from Kibana 4.6.4.

  • Added - column name aliases to kibi-doc-table plugin

  • Added - priority field for dashboards

  • Added - hashed URL are now enabled by default

  • Added - and option to increase grid resolution

  • Added - kibi:enableAllDashboardsCounts to disable counts on all dashboards.

  • Added - kibi:enableAllRelBtnCounts to disable counts on all relational buttons.

  • Added - search on relations

  • Added - support for ACL rules on saved objects [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added - new Kibi Multi Chart plugin [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added - new Kibi Box Plot plugin [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added - new Kibi Scatter Plot plugin [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added - new Kibi Bubble Diagram plugin [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added - new Kibi Vector Map plugin [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added - new Kibi Horizontal Bar Chart plugin [Enterprise Edition only]

Kibana Changes


  • {k4pull}8733[Pull Request 8733]: Upgrade Node.js to version 6.9.0 for improved memory use and a segfault fix.

  • {k4pull}8022[Pull Request 8022]: Add state:storeInSessionState option enabling shorter URLs and enhancing Internet Explorer support.

  • {k4pull}8313[Pull Request 8313]: Upgrade Hapi server to 14.2.0 to support the new Node.js version.

  • {k4pull}9014[Pull Request 9014]: Improved rendering performance on Discover app with large numbers of fields.

Bug Fixes

  • {k4pull}8966[Pull Request 8966]: Trailing slash redirects now include the basepath configuration.

  • {k4pull}8338[Pull Request 8338]: Fix alias support when fetching types.

  • {k4pull}7123[Pull Request 7123]: Honor custom label for percentile ranks aggregation.

  • {k4pull}7021[Pull Request 7021]: Honor custom label for percentile and median metric visualizations.

  • {k4pull}6463[Pull Request 6463]: Use unmapped_type instead of ignore_unmapped in config migration.

Kibi 4.6.3-1

Kibi Changes

  • Added - kibi:splitTabs option to split name and counts on tabs

  • Added - kibi:graphUseFiltersFromDashboards option to customize menu when expanding nodes with filters from dashbords

  • Fixed - Not able to scroll smoothly on relations configuration page

  • Fixed - Timepicker does not show on the visualize page for visualizations depending on several searches

  • Fixed - Improved documentation about es compatibility

  • Fixed - If a dashboard contains a kibi_sequential_join_vis, Kibi triggers a search query for the visualization on the default index pattern

  • Fixed - initQtip functions is destroying all qtips

  • Fixed - Sort relations by name and index pattern when choosing relation in relational panel configuration

  • Fixed - Template vars other than "label" ignored in Kibi Query Viewer visualisation

  • Fixed - Currently selected tab not visible when navigating to Settings and back

  • Fixed - Match all Internet Explorer versions in URLOverflowService

  • Fixed - Session persistence bug in Graph Browser [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Fixed - Edge removal issue in Graph Browser [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Improved - Better handling of patterns not matching any index

  • Improved - UI improvements in Kibi Query Viewer visualisation

  • Improved - Simplified option menu when expanding nodes with filters from dashbords

  • Improved - bumped Kibi Timeline visualisation to version 4.6.3-1

  • Improved - bumped Kibi Wordcloud visualisation to version 4.6.3-1

  • Removed - kibi:zoom option - use browser zoom instead

Kibi 4.6.3 and Kibana 4.6.3

Kibi Changes

  • Fixed - upgradeable configurations were not correctly sorted

  • Fixed - outdated filters in the state were not correctly handled

  • Fixed - the relational panel tab was enabled even if relational panel was disabled

  • Fixed - source and target dashboards in relational button configuration were filtered incorrectly

  • Fixed - handling of authorization errors when computing indices in navbar helper and relational sequence buttons

  • Fixed - nested join_sequence creation

  • Fixed - negated joins creation by enclosing the complete query in a must clause

  • Fixed - listen to config events to correctly set the relational filter visible

  • Fixed - do not destroy handlers in cached helper modules to correctly refresh counts on tabs

  • Fixed - fail to access dashboard app if the previous dashboard was deleted

  • Fixed - missing timepicker when creating a new dashboard

  • Fixed - click handlers actions are not cleaned when staging the enhanced search vis

  • Fixed - cases when wrong property name was used in createNotifier

  • Fixed - diff_time now takes into account time precision

  • Fixed - kibi state was not properly propagated which caused an issue where time was not correctly set on a dashboard when done from discovery page

  • Fixed - problems with JSON textarea and label textbox edit

  • Fixed - do not center content if there is data in Kibi Query Viewer

  • Fixed - do not make a relation invalid if type is set to null by kibi-select

  • Fixed - reset count/isPruned property of a dashboard if its count was requested but was not in the metadata object, due to the dashboard not having a savedsearch on save

  • Fixed - now queries for invisible dashboards are not added to count request

  • Fixed - counts not properly updated when using "undo via back button"

  • Fixed - destroy html created by eeg library

  • Improved - check if the state contains outdated filters

  • Improved - relations graph configuration has to be explicitly saved

  • Improved - documented Sense and Marvel integration with Search Guard

  • Improved - support relational filter visualizations which reference no concrete index

  • Improved - made relational button grey when there is no results

  • Improved - store the synced dashboards in the kibistate

  • Improved - various sync-time-to directive improvements

  • Improved - notify the user if the session data has been saved

  • Improved - prevent the Kibi Enhanced Search visualization to make two requests for retrieving the rows

  • Improved - handling of various authorization errors

  • Improved - replaced ui-select with kibi-menu-template

  • Improved - introduced kibi-menu-template for choosing relations in buttons configuration

  • Improved - Display confirmation dialog when leaving a modified relational configuration

  • Improved - check if the relation id is defined at config time for the relational filter visualization

  • Improved - big part of code ported to ES6

  • Improved - use version 4.6.3 of the Kibi Timeline

  • Improved - ported all release notes to master

  • Improved - Searchguard integration documentation

  • Added - merge upstream changes from Kibana 4.6.3

  • Added - Saved objects API

  • Added - support requiresMultiSearch in the visualize editor for refreshing the ES results

  • Added - renamed kibi_core.default_dashboard_id into kibi_core.default_dashboard_title

  • Added - kibi:graphUseWebGl advanced option

  • Added - migration for relational filter button

  • Added - test:coverage grunt task

  • Added - Kibi now ships with Sentinl application [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added - Map view to Graph Browser [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added - Timeline view to Graph Browser [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added - live filter to Graph Browser [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Backported - Kibana fix to ensure dashboard panels appear in the correct order

Kibana Changes


  • {k4pull}7085[Pull Request 7085]: Configuration to allow unauthenticated users to see status page

  • {k4pull}7996[Pull Request 7996]: Added option to configure headers for all Elasticsearch requests

  • {k4pull}7335[Pull Request 7335]: Status page and API now include plugin version info

  • {k4pull}6150[Pull Request 6150]: Error notifications will auto-dismiss after a timeout

  • {k4issue}6728[Issue 6728]: Package repos are now based on major versions

Bug Fixes

  • {k4pull}7457[Pull Request 7457]: Plugins now have a home for their data

  • {k4issue}8090[Issue 8090]: Fixed blank notifications that were appearing in plugin apps like Sense

  • {k4issue}8060[Issue 8060]: In some circumstances, Visualization editor controls would collapse after applying updates. They will now remain expanded

  • {k4pull}7422[Pull Request 7422]: Better cleanup on package removal

  • {k4issue}7590[Issue 7590]: Fixed logging for package installs using SysV

  • {k4pull}7431[Pull Request 7431]: A more accurate description for the Kibana service


  • {k4issue}6833[Issue 6833]: Ability to sort a terms aggregation by ascending count will be removed in a future version of Elasticsearch

Kibi 4.5.4-1

Kibi Changes

  • Fixed - upgradeable configurations were not correctly sorted

  • Fixed - outdated filters in the state were not correctly handled

  • Fixed - the relational panel tab was enabled even if relational panel was disabled

  • Fixed - source and target dashboards in relational button configuration were filtered incorrectly

  • Fixed - handling of authorization errors when computing indices in navbar helper and relational sequence buttons

  • Fixed - nested join_sequence creation

  • Fixed - negated joins creation by enclosing the complete query in a must clause

  • Fixed - listen to config events to correctly set the relational filter visible

  • Fixed - do not destroy handlers in cached helper modules to correctly refresh counts on tabs

  • Improved - Searchguard integration documentation

  • Added - migration for relational filter button

  • Added - test:coverage grunt task

Kibi 4.5.4 and Kibana 4.5.4

Kibi Changes

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

  • Various documentation improvements

  • Redesigned dashboard groups UI to show indicators for each dashboard in a group: the count, the queries/filters, and whether a join was pruned

  • Improved configuration of relational buttons

  • Added support for configuration upgrades during alpha/beta periods

  • Added methods for coordinated search on Elasticsearch client

  • Added support for time-based indices in join_set

  • Added support for time-based indices in join_sequential

  • Added a button to generate a report for performance investigation

  • Added time synchronization feature to set the same time on multiple dashboards at once

  • Added a spy panel to relational button visualization

  • Added saved objects API for index patterns

  • Added possibility to export Enhanced search results as CSV

  • Added a check for compatible mappings of the joined fields in relational panel configuration

  • Added datasource parameters validation in the datasource editor

  • Kibi demo packages are shipped with heatmap visualization

  • Refactored entity URI selection mechanism - now kept in Kibi state

  • Fixed issue where app state was not updated when switching quickly between dashboards

  • Fixed issue where relational panel was hiding search bar type ahead

  • Fixed issue where "add new index pattern" button is missing

  • Fixed issue where return statement was missing after promise reject

  • Fixed issue where timeout error was shown during join calculation

  • Fixed issue where crypto helper should throw an invalid key length exception

  • Fixed issue where filtering by saved search did not work on the visualize panel

  • Fixed issue where kibistate was initialized from saved dashboard even if it was in the URL

  • Fixed issue where pinned relational filters would crash in some direction

  • Fixed dependency issues on status page and discovery page

  • Stability improvements and fixes for JDBC query component

  • Performance improvement in wordcloud visualization

  • Timeline visualization is respecting dateformat:tz

  • Increased default kibi:graphMaxConcurrentCalls to 15

  • Added support for environment variable expansion in configuration files

  • Make the log configuration of the gremlin server more configurable [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Updated tinkerpop3 query to use the graph batch API [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added preloaded query example for OnUpdate script [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added support for Search Guard [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added access control plugin for Search Guard [Enterprise Edition only]

Kibana Changes


  • {k4issue}6150[Issue 6150]: Adds a timeout for the display of error notifications.

  • {k4issue}3682[Issue 3682]: Improved handling of empty result sets for the Metric visualization.

  • {k4issue}4065[Issue 4065]: Adds custom labels for visualization axes.

  • {k4issue}6128[Issue 6128]: Adds configurable length to saved object lists.

Bug Fixes

  • {k4pull}5236[Pull Request 5236]: Fixes a heatmap intensity issue in tile maps.

  • {k4issue}6283[Issue 6283]: Corrects a date format error in millisecond intervals.

  • {k4issue}6049[Issue 6049]: Improvements to autocomplete handling.

  • {k4issue}6331[Issue 6331]: Improved handling of long-running queries.

Plugin System Changes

  • {k4issue}5916[Issue 5916]: Adds the --list flag to list installed plugins.

Kibi 4.5.3-6

Kibi Changes

  • Siren-join plugin version upgraded to 2.3.4-1

  • Backport a fix for issue where no indices have been resolved for a query such query should be send to kibi index

  • Backport a fix to enable the relational panel before removing the join_set filter

  • Backport kibana PR 6651 - Fix courier "request already started" bug

Kibi 4.5.3-5

Kibi Changes

  • Fixed issue where advanced relations settings were not taken after the time-based indices fix

  • Fixed issue where certain count queries were sent twice

  • Fixed typeahead position issue

  • Optimized ng-animate usage

  • Extended elasticsearch.js to support _coordinate_search and _coordinate_msearch queries

Kibi 4.5.3-4

Kibi Changes

  • Support time-based indices for relational filters and tab counts

Kibi 4.5.3-3

Kibi Changes

  • Added csv export for kibi data table

  • Fixed issues with time syncing across dashboards

Kibi 4.5.3-2

Kibi Changes

  • Fixed autoload issue when loading plugins

  • Upgraded timeline plugin to 4.5.3-2 - support dateFormat:tz property

Kibi 4.5.3-1

Kibi Changes

  • Fixed Do not allow to define relations for relational buttons on scripted fields

  • Fixed problem with jdbc datasource

  • Added a visual hint to identify dashboards which state differ from the default one

  • Added new ability to quickly set time for more than one dashboard

  • Disabled session automatic synching to ES

Kibi 4.5.3 and Kibana 4.5.3

Kibi Changes

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

  • Various documentation improvements

  • Refactoring of the Kibi state

  • Support for object migration from Kibi 4.4.2

  • Upgraded ElasticSearch version to 2.3.4

  • Improved Export and Import of all objects

  • JDBC warning message should only be displayed for JDBC datasources

  • Fixed error while switching (fast) between tabs

  • Sort alphabetically saved objects in kibi_select

  • Fixed Huge URL, apparently with too much state

  • Updated Boom version

  • Removed the clone cancel …​ buttons

  • Added headers and params to a REST datasource configuration

  • Improved Kibi tests on Windows

  • Improved server logging

  • Added configurable label for datasource params

  • Relational buttons refreshing twice

  • Empty widgets when the database file is missing

  • Removed the cache checkbox in Tinkerpop3 datasource [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added advanced option: kibi:graphMaxConcurrentCalls [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Added more graph scripts to Graph Browser [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Scalability improvements in Graph Browser [Enterprise Edition only]

Kibana Changes


  • {k4issue}6150[Issue 6150]: Adds a timeout for the display of error notifications.

  • {k4issue}3682[Issue 3682]: Improved handling of empty result sets for the Metric visualization.

  • {k4issue}4065[Issue 4065]: Adds custom labels for visualization axes.

  • {k4issue}6128[Issue 6128]: Adds configurable length to saved object lists.

Bug Fixes

  • {k4pull}5236[Pull Request 5236]: Fixes a heatmap intensity issue in tile maps.

  • {k4issue}6283[Issue 6283]: Corrects a date format error in millisecond intervals.

  • {k4issue}6049[Issue 6049]: Improvements to autocomplete handling.

  • {k4issue}6331[Issue 6331]: Improved handling of long-running queries.

Plugin System Changes

  • {k4issue}5916[Issue 5916]: Adds the --list flag to list installed plugins.

Kibi 4.4.2-2

Kibi Changes

  • Backport fix for Truncate document label if too long

  • Backport fix for Error when label is used for a purple filter is an array

  • Backport fix for Export/Import takes care about index patterns too

  • Bumped timeline version to 4.4.2-2

Kibi 4.4.2-1

Kibi Changes

  • Backport fix for broken tiles in map widget

  • Backport fix for broken import export of objects

  • Backport fix for openjdk version check [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Backport fix support for nested fields label (Graph Browser) [Enterprise Edition only]

Kibi 4.4.2 and Kibana 4.4.2

Kibi Changes

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

  • Various documentation improvements

  • Relational filter was not correctly refreshed

  • Fixed issue with wrong default value for siren.filterjoin.cache.size

  • Default join settings were incorrect

  • Improved datasourcetype conditions

  • Improves Kibi session management

  • No error shown when the key has wrong length

  • Label on Entity Clipboard missing

  • Correct permission on executable files

  • Check that siren-join is installed on all data nodes

  • Update of node-jdbc to jdbc@0.3.1 and sqlite to sqlite3@3.1.4

  • ES client nodes discovery makes the gremlin server not working [Enterprise Edition only]

  • null pointer exception in gremlin server [Enterprise Edition only]

  • id instead of label on the graph [Enterprise Edition only]

  • 500 - [Object object] error [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Incorectly parsed remote_address [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Add more graph scripts [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Saving termsEncoding bloom [Enterprise Edition only]

Kibana Changes

  • {k4issue}6420[Issue 6420]: Bump node to v4.3.2

  • {k4issue}6353[Issue 6353]: Add basePath to short URLs

  • {k4issue}6228[Issue 6228]: HTML unsafe characters in field names no longer break Kibana

  • {k4issue}6083[Issue 6083]: Plugin installer support for .tgz file types

  • {k4issue}5971[Issue 5971]: Fix active search source hover background issue

  • {k4issue}5942[Issue 5942]: Fix for save button disabled when opening spy panel

  • {k4issue}6133[Issue 6133] and {k4pull}6103[6103]: Distro packages now have a description, vendor, maintainer, url, license and priority metadata

Kibi 4.4.1-1

Kibi Changes

  • Fixed a bug - in community distribution the default join settings were incorrect

  • Fixed a bug - relational filter was not correctly refreshed

Kibi 4.4.1

Kibi Changes

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • Various error handling improvements

  • Caching can now be enabled/disabled per datasource from UI configuration

  • New version of Kibi Timeline plugin 0.1.4

  • Improved kibi.bat file for Windows

  • Improved documentation

  • Improved quality of the demo dataset

  • Default terms encoding for Siren Join changed to long

  • New Advanced Join Settings plugin [Enterprise Edition only]

  • Full Shield integration [Enterprise Edition only]

  • New Graph Browser visualization [Enterprise Edition only]

  • New Kibi Thinkerpop3 datasource [Enterprise Edition only]

  • New Kibi Gremlin Server component [Enterprise Edition only]

  • New Ansible/Vagrant deployment scripts for GCE and AWS [Enterprise Edition only]

Kibi 0.3.2

Kibi Changes

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • New version of kibi_timeline_vis 0.1.2

  • Siren join plugin version upgraded to 2.2.0-1

Kibi 0.3.1 and Kibana 4.4.1

Kibi Changes

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • Siren join plugin version upgraded to 2.2.0.

Kibana Changes

  • Bump node.js to 0.12.10 from 0.12.9

  • {k4issue}6185[Issue 6185]: Fixes a bug where the active HTTP spinner in the chrome bar is gone

Kibi 0.3 and Kibana 4.4

Kibi Changes

  • Using event times to create index names is no longer supported as of this release. Current versions of Elasticsearch include sophisticated date parsing APIs that Kibana uses to determine date information, removing the need to specify dates in the index pattern name.

Kibana Changes


  • {k4issue}1362[Issue 1362]: Color palette selector added.

  • {k4issue}1553[Issue 1553]: Kibana can shorten URLs for shared or embedded items.

  • {k4issue}5733[Issue 5733]: Time-based index pattern expansion can be set at index pattern creation time.

  • {k4issue}5775[Issue 5775]: Adds a configuration option to change the maximum payload size sent to the server.

  • {k4issue}4966[Issue 4966]: Logo is now in SVG format.

  • {k4issue}3625[Issue 3625]: Downloaded visualizations now use the visualization name as the filename.

  • {k4issue}5279[Issue 5279]: Large strings are truncated with an ellipsis (…​).

  • {k4issue}5241[Issue 5241]: Truncated visualization names are displayed in full as tooltips.