Siren Investigate Graph Browser allows data to be visualized and navigated through a knowledge graph. It leverages Siren Federate capabilities to interconnect data across multiple platforms and Siren Investigate ontology configuration to provide real-time investigative analysis.

Few steps are required to add a simple version of the Graph Browser and start analyzing the data.

1- Go to the Dashboards area and click on the option  "Create new dashboard" as in the following image.

2- Fill in the name of the Dashboard, as below, and click on the "Create" button.

3- Click on the "Add" button either in the central area of the screen or on the top right side to add a Visualization to the Dashboard.

4- Search for the "Graph Browser" visualization and click on it to add it to the dashboard, as below. You can then resize or move the Graph Browser in the Dashboard area to better fill you needs. We suggest expanding it to the whole area of the Dashboard for this example.

5- You can then click on the "Save" option on the top right corner and then click on the button "Save" that will show up on the screen, as in the following image.

6- This should bring you to the final Dashboard with the Graph Browser. You can then click on the "+ Add" button in the graph area and add one of your configured Searches to visualize the previously selected data.

7- You can then navigate through the data and investigate its relationships by double clicking the elements or using the "Expand" menu.

This is a very simplistic overview of a base Graph Browser setup. However, it does offer more advanced functionality to meet different industries criteria. To get to know more about the different options, check the link below on our product documentation.

Navigating the Graph!