Install the Siren platform as described in Installing the Siren Platform.

We support these databases using JDBC drivers:

  • Dremio

  • Impala

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017

  • MySQL

  • Oracle 12c or later

  • PostgreSQL

  • Presto

  • Spark SQL 2.2 or later

  • Sybase ASE 15.7 or later

The schema you want to connect to must be the default schema of the connection user.

Configure Siren Federate

  1. Edit elasticsearch.yml and add:

    node.attr.connector.jdbc: true
  2. Copy the JDBC driver to the elasticsearch/plugins/siren-federate folder.

  3. Restart the Elasticsearch service.

Connect your database to the Siren platform

  1. In Siren Investigate, navigate to Management > Datasources.

  2. Select JDBC from the Type box.

  3. Select the Database Type.

  4. Enter a display Name for the datasource in Siren Investigate.

  5. Enter the database Username and Password.

  6. Click Test connection. If the connection is successful a dialog is displayed. 

  7. Click No, will do later then click SAVE.

Create a virtual index

  1. In Siren Investigate, navigate to Management > Virtual Indices.

  2. Select the Datasource name.

  3. Select the Resource name from the Datasource browser.

  4. Enter a valid lowercase Elasticsearch Virtual index name.

  5. (Optional) Enter a Primary key. This is required if you want to use this Index in the graph browser.

  6. Click SAVE. A dialog is displayed.

  7. Click Yes, take me there, then refer to see Creating a data model. Alternatively, click No, will do later then click SAVE.