What is Siren Federate?

This Siren Federate release contains two major new features:
(1) a federation layer to query external databases with the Elasticsearch API
(2) join capabilities across indices and external databases.

It is used by Siren Investigate but can be used for any application.

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Siren Federate is free to use also for commercial purposes for up to one data node in your Elasticsearch installation. For cluster deployment, a commercial licence is required, priced per node.

Contact us for more information.

Released: 5 July 2018

Federate Compatibility with Elasticsearch

Compatible with Elasticsearch 5.6.9

Looking for a different version?

Federate Elasticsearch
VersionRelease Date
5.6.9-10.0.15 July 20185.6.9

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siren-federate-5.6.10-10.0.1.zip (sha1.txt)

unzip siren-federate-5.6.10-10.0.1.zip
cd ./elasticsearch
./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install file:///PATH_TO_UNZIPPED_ARCHIVE/siren-federate-5.6.10-10.0.1-plugin.zip

Siren Federate documentation (html)
Siren Federate documentation (zip)