What is Vanguard?

Vanguard is an Elasticsearch plugin that enables you to:
(1) Perform large scale distributed semi-joins across indexes.
(2) Create virtual indexes using SQL/JDBC backends that behave like native Elasticsearch indexes.

Vanguard is part of the Siren Platform but can be used as a standalone solution with Elasticsearch.

Read our blog post on Federate bench marking and architecture.


Vanguard is free to test but requires a commercial license for any production use.

Contact us for further licensing information.

Released: 5 July 2018

Compatible with Elasticsearch 5.6.6

Looking for a different version?

siren-federate-5.6.6-10.0.1.zip (sha1.txt)

unzip siren-federate-5.6.6-10.0.1.zip
cd ./elasticsearch
./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install file:///PATH_TO_UNZIPPED_ARCHIVE/siren-federate-5.6.6-10.0.1-proguard-plugin.zip

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