Released: 8 April 2019 (release blog posts here, what’s new here)

The Siren Platform is comprised of two core components:

  • Siren Investigate, the node.js based browser application (includes the Siren Alert component).
    For those familiar with the ELK stack, this has a similar role to Kibana.
  • Elasticsearch cluster(s) in which the Siren Federate plugin has been installed

A conceptual overview of the platform

For more details please visit the product documentation

For more information about setting up the platform and Elasticsearch version compatibility, see documentation here.


Demo/POC distributions

Siren Platform with Demo Data

Do you want to try our preloaded Siren Platform with our classic company/investor/articles demo?
Just run siren-platform-demo-data and you're up and running. Not recommended for adding new data.

The 10.2.1 version of this package is available only on request. Please contact us for further details.

Siren Platform with No Data or Security

With no security and no preloaded data, this package is perfect for quick Proofs of Concept or trying out out Siren Platform with your own data. Upload your data to the bundled Elasticsearch instance, connect to your existing cluster or connect to existing JDBC datasources, and begin seeing your data in a new light. This is the package to use when following our getting started tutorial.

Production distributions

Siren Platform

Our preconfigured Siren Platform with with an empty Main Elasticsearch Cluster and a preinstalled
Siren Investigate plugin, configured with security but without preloaded demo data.

The 10.2.1 version of this package is available only on request. Please contact us for further details.

Individual components:

Siren Investigate

This deployment contains Siren Investigate with no Elasticsearch cluster.
Connect to your own Main Elasticsearch Cluster (which means Elasticsearch plus the Siren Investigate Plugin) and also possibly to existing JDBC backends.


Siren comes as Community Edition by default. Without an additional license, the platform will run in Community Edition mode and some of the Siren platform functionality is limited or disabled.

See here for more information on pricing model and editions.

Start your unlimited trial here (or contact us here).

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Release notes:
  • Cookie encryption has been enabled for JWT-Authentication

  • UI improvements for the reflection wizard

  • Fix for the geo lens where the variable cannot be selected

  • Fix for the error message during new dashboard creation in no-data-no-security bundle

  • Fixed refresh problem in index pattern search list

  • Added an updated license

  • Fix for the invalid dashboard state during dashboard creation

  • Improvements to the reflection pipeline transformation documentation

  • Fix for the custom watcher having the wrong role permission

  • Timelion flag is now compatible with Siren filter joins

  • Health checks warning no longer result in 500 error

  • Filters now working as expected in the analytic table

  • Minor autorelations enhancemnts and fixes

  • Time filter icon now being updated after saving dashboard with time filter

  • Fixed issue when using a index pattern search as a visualization

  • Some visualization components have been renamed and recategorized

  • Fix the issue when using the auto-generate dashboard that causes an error when no dashboard group is present

  • Using smaller icons when map is zoomed

  • Fix for wrong field type being returned from JDBC connector

  • Fixed critical issue with watcher fields in .siren index

  • Created custom watcher can now be executed without issues

  • Fixed issue in disabling scheduled alarms

  • Fixed issue in custom watchers with no transform property

  • Improvements to the backup and restore feature

  • Two relations with same labels no longer cause expand by relation to fail in Graph Browser

  • Changed the default max zoom level in map visualisation to 15

  • Quickly changing dashboard no longer causes error message in graph browser