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End of Life and Compatibility Policy
Summary Each major (e.g 10.X) release of Siren products are supported for 18 months from General Availability date, with active maintenance for at least th...
Released: 09 Apr 2019
What are some of the use cases for the Siren platform?
Note: we're keeping this list for historical purposes. For the latest information see and the specific industry sections. Example u...
Released: 25 Aug 2016
What are Siren Investigate and Siren Federate?
Siren Federate is Siren's distributed/federated relational technology. The current distribution is an Elasticsearch plugin, extending Elasticsearch A...
Released: 25 Aug 2016
Creating dashboards
A dashboard displays a set of saved visualizations in a grid layout that you can customize. It requires at least one visualization (for more information, ...
Released: 07 Sep 2018
Configuring and using the graph browser
Recommendation 1: watch the video below. Recommendation 2: do our getting started tutorial. It also contains the graph part and explains things i...
Released: 07 Sep 2018
Can i use Siren Investigate together with Kibana? differences?
Siren Investigate was originally a Kibana 5.6.9, which Siren extended with many elements of Kibana 6/7 and others.   If we consider the "stock ela...
Released: 25 Aug 2016
Does the Siren platform require all data to be loaded in Elasticsearch?
No. The Siren platform supports external data sources such as JDBC connections and generic REST sources. The Siren platform can query these sources in re...
Released: 25 Aug 2016
Should I use Logstash to load data?
Not necessarily. Logstash (as used in our fully worked out example) is a very useful ETL (extract, transform, load) tool for loading data into Elasticsearc...
Released: 25 Aug 2016
How is Siren Federate licensed?
Siren Federate is free to use for 1 node clusters. For more than 1 node a production license is required, contact us.
Released: 18 Jul 2017
JDBC Drivers
NameJDBC Driver Download LinkDremio
Released: 26 Apr 2019