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Installing Siren Platform
Prerequisites The minimum hardware requirements for a test deployment are: x64 CPU with four processing units (cores) 16GB RAM 10GB free ...
Released: 18 Jun 2018
Loading CSV and JSON data sets with Logstash
This guide provides an example of how to load CSV and JSON data sets into the Siren platform. You should adapt it for use with your own data sets. Note ...
Released: 22 Jun 2018
Connecting an external data source with Siren Federate
Prerequisites Install the Siren platform as described in Installing the Siren Platform. We support these databases using JDBC drivers: Dremio ...
Released: 18 Jun 2018
Create a simple graph browser dashboard
The following video starts with a very simple configuration and then moves to user mode. Additional information Siren Investigate Graph Browser a...
Released: 25 Apr 2018
Create a search over all dashboard in Siren 10
Typically, most Siren dashboards have a search bar at the top for drilling down to the dashboard records that match the search. But in this guide we wil...
Released: 17 May 2018